No website? No Emails? No lunch details? No Problem.

Things have admittedly been a little disorganized at BLOHARD World Headquarters, what with (i) the website being rendered...

  • April 09, 2019

Thursday May 10 marked the 55th consecutive...

“The Mets, who started the season by going 11-1, are almost back to .500. Which is about how many people showed up to watch them play...”

  • May 04, 2018

So Far, So Good.

Sox Test, Reward Patience in Interminable Opener Feeling may or may not return to our toes, but victory is forever. It was noted for the benefit of the riders

  • April 8, 2018

BLOHARDS? The name sounds familiar, but...

Fan Group With Aging Demographic, Desultory Communications, Stirs. BLOHARDS Opening 2018 Luncheon Scheduled for 2018 The BLOHARDS

  • November 2017

Lunch Recap

Cosgriff Does That Thing He Does Ceremonies open with opening remarks In his opening remarks, BLOHARD VP Buildings and Grounds Joe Cosgriff

  • June 2017

And Away We Go...

Bus to Victory Duffy-led expedition triumphs again It was an optimistic band of Fenway-bound BLOHARDS (pictured at left, click for larger view) that departed

  • April 2017

All's Well...

Lunch, Sox Both Awesome. Yankees not. Cosgriff Steers Lunch Safely Home Marred by only sporadic fist fights, program concludes in a tidy two hours

  • April 2016

We're baaaaack...

Winter having been dispatched, we turn our attention to the Yankees Vicente Romo's Inside Pitch Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente Romo is back

  • April 2016

And So, It Ends...

Lunch, Youth, Yankee pratfalls salve season's wounds Cosgriff Pulls Rabbit Out of Hat Opening remarks make lemonade from lemon of a season

  • October 2015

Not Too Shabby...

Lunch, Bus, Season-to-date Satisfactory Lunch Illuminates, Entertains, Nourishes Cosgriff opens with opening remarks As described elsewhere

  • April 2015

And Away We Go...

Lunch Precedes Opening Day Bus Trip. Go Figure. Lunch Set for April 10 Buses roll three days later The weather this coming April 10 will be sunny with

  • March 2015

Now is the Winter of Our Discontent

...made glorious summer by the Panda of Frisco. Lunch dates set for 2015 April 10 and September 29 get-togethers to bookend epic season The BLOHARDS

  • December 2014

We'll Always Have Lunch

Broiled Chicken, Gallows Humor on Menu at Yale Club Dr. Charles Delivers Details state of team, says Sox knew they were rolling the dice with rookies

  • September 2014

Worst to First to... Lunch

Undaunted, BLOHARDS To Gather at Yale Club September 4 lunch set for lunchtime, fourth day of September Post-trading deadline, there is certainly

  • August 2014


Lunch Sustains Body and Soul More than 125 (we lost count) Red Sox representatives, distinguished speakers, bestselling authors, dues-paying

  • April 2014

We're Back...

Home Opener, April 11, Chapter 11 high on BLOHARDS 2014 agenda "Bus" Boston Bound on 4/4 BLOHARDS look to extend streak to 10 In nine of the last

  • March 2014


Trophy party marks brilliant end to dazzling season Premiers new songs, verses in BLOHARD cameo. Between gigs at a sold-out Carlyle run, John Pizzarelli was

  • November 2013

First to the Dinner Table, First in the League.

BLOHARDS lunch like champions. Rodriguez Mentioned in Slideshow Highlights of the Ray Duffy-narrated Henry Berry Memorial Slide Show included:

  • September 2013

No Sox? No Problem

Left To Their Own Devices at Lunch, BLOHARDS Muddle Through The Ray Duffy-narrated Henry Berry Memorial Slide Show set a new standard for insightful

  • June 2013

We ♥ Boston

Meanwhile, Back In Our (gosh-darned) City... As Sox fans and Bostonians by affiliation (if not by birth) we were heartbroken to watch the images and

  • April 2013

Well, That's Over...

BLOHARDS Ignore Standings; Gorge on Chicken, Cameraderie A massive horde of BLOHARDS met at the Yale Club on October 2nd to fraternize, commiserate

  • October 2012

Well, That's Over...

What "Zoolander" can teach us about Derek Jeter The title character of the movie "Zoolander" is a male model who has two signature looks; "blue steel"

  • October 2012

Next Stop: Mediocrity

Opening Day Awesome The Sox' home opener was what - like five weeks ago? And this correspondent's age-adled memory isn't great under the best of

  • May 2012

And Away We Go...

From the Inbox of Ray Duffy... Busmeister's email hacked. Link to Newscorp scandal uncertain. Since the untimely death of Henry Berry in 1996, BLOHARDS'

  • April 2012

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

Margolick Observes, Reports BLOHARDS get more ink than A.J. Burnett's torso in huge Times spread Ray Duffy? Never heard of him. Noted journalist

  • October 2011

Yankee Juggernaut Bears Down on Puny Sox

Bill Lee Give Props to BLOHARDS In a recent WEEI interview Bill Lee had some disparaging things to say about your typical New Yorker, but then carved

  • September 2011

Lunch With BLOHARDS Ignites Sox

Beverly? Is That You Beverly? Our friend since time immemorial Meryl Pearlstein is writing an article on Beverly MA for North Shore Magazine.

  • June 2011

Opening Day, Lunch, T-Shirts, More...

Opening Day On April 8, for something like the one-gazillionth consecutive time, a doughty band of BLOHARDs was treated to a home-opening victory made

  • April 2011

And Away We Go...

'11 Yanks Fattest Ever? We wouldn't know. Talk about your "Heavy Bombers"... Recent press reports have speculated that the 2011 edition of the New York

  • March 2011

When the Going Gets Tough, the BLOHARDS Eat Lunch

Randall: "Tell us, if you will..." Luncheon guest (and BLOHARDS' Co-Man of the Year along with Darnell McDonald) Michael Bowden, was funny and engaging

  • October 2010

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