July 2020

Anything Can Happen...
in a sixty game "season".

Yes, We Have No Opening Day This Year

We'll probably have several openers, but that's not really the same thing, is it?

Your correspondent, hyper-vigilant for any symptoms which might indicate that our modern plague has set up shop in his body, recently had a disconcerting experience; It was June and he could feel his toes. Notwithstanding the fact that this was nowhere described as a symptom of C-19, he was, momentarily, let's say... discomposed. Only after realizing that -owing to the failure of Opening Day to occur- said toes had not been exposed to some five hours of temperatures normally in the realm of theoretical physics was compusure restored.

Having been to some twenty-plus consecutive home openers, and never having regained pedal sensation prior to Thanksgiving, your correspondent is excitedly anticipating a barefoot romp on the beach this summer.

Dues due...

We have been touched and gratified by the more-than-a-few BLOHARDS who have ponied up their 2020 dues. The support is essential for keeping the organization, such as it is, operational. Others who would like to touch and gratify us (wait -that didn't come out right) may remit by check to Julie Killian at 42 Forest Avenue in Rye, 10580, or pay on line.

$20 for a year or $150 for a lifetime.

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Things Covid can never take away...

Kevin Brown throwing up in his own mouth

Yaz's triple crown

Torii Hunter head over heels

Ted Williams' final at bat

A-Rod gets a facial

Lil' Dusty

Beni on his jets

Classified Ads

Help WantedEntertainment
Desperately seeking pitching New England-based professional baseball team seeks young man for mutually beneficial relationship. Ability to hurl a 5 oz. spheroid at speeds upwards of 80 MPH helpful but not necessarily imperative. Will train right candidate. Stage fright no impediment. Team is quite anxious secure help no later than July 26 (its third game of the season). Resume to Box 1918, Boston.A fun night on the town! New England-based professional baseball team offering attractive group ticket opportunities to quarantine pods of 5,000 of more people. Package includes hot dog, soda or small beer, commemorative surgical mask, souvenir swab. Call FEnway 9-2004

Director of Compliance New England-based professional baseball team recently embroiled in a spot of unpleasantness seeks an attorney or other suitable individual to supervise its adherence to all relevant laws and regulations. Ideal candidate will have a sterling reputation, indifferent work habits and won't be a stickler for details, if you know what we mean. Inquiries by telex to SOXBOS Personals
Sox season ticket holder (two in Loge 112) seeking fellow fan to share costs and excitement of coming season. Race, gender, age unimportant. Non-negotiable: YOU MUST BE MADE OF CARDBOARD. Serious inquiries only faxed to

Vicente Romo's Inside Pitch

Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente Romo is back with more mullings and musings – all at a safe distance - "El Huevo" style:

Almost Like the Real Thing Dept.: Carboard fans seen getting on cardboard buses at Westport Train Station. Buses departed just as four cardboard fans were arriving via Metro North….Sox pitching is a big question mark. And that's just figuring out who'll be throwing out the first pitch on Opening Night…."What will be different about playing real games in a completely empty ballpark?" - asked of every team but the Marlins….Well, maybe the Rays, too…. Many rule changes for the 60-game season. Let's just say, anytime Vicente reaches second base, he's gonna score (wink, wink)…. Rough outing for Dr. Fauci at Nationals opener. Especially for the Sox, who had him penciled in with Jim Lonborg as the fifth starter…. Vicente had a dream last night that Sox acquired Rockies' 3B Nelson Arenado for a box of old hubcaps and a $50 store card at Shaw's…. What will happen to the cardboard fans during rain delays? Just asking…. When asked to describe social distancing, a top epidemiologist said the Yankees should be our role model. "Think of the spacing in the seats behind home plate." …. Look for a big year from Giancarlo Stanton. Has done his best work a) for the Marlins and b) in Yankee Stadium when the place was empty…. Sox President Sam Kennedy said to be "disappointed" that pro bowler Mookie Betts signed a twelve-year contract extension with the Dodgers. Sam, THE RED SOX TRADED THE GUY… Who else besides Vicente is looking for a 30-30 season, everybody stays healthy, go home, and we try this again for real when it's safe?.... Sox way in front with the digital stuff. Scoreboard ads this season will be directed at people made from tree products….

'Til next time, Adios amigos!

Virtual Lunch?

It's a virtual certainty.

In such scraps of time as are available when not checking the interwebs for Covid-19 symptoms, your BLOHARD "braintrust" is hard at work on the conceptualization of a Zoom-hosted virtual lunch. Such an event would feature the usual panoply of entertainment; food of the participants' choice; and would not require changing out of one's pajamas. It's a win/win/win.

Details to follow.

Seen on the way into Manhattan last winter...

I guess they keep the trophies on the right hand side?
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