April 2019

It's Alive!
No website? No Emails? No lunch details? No Problem.

Left for dead, BLOHARDS stir

Things have admittedly been a little disorganized at BLOHARD World Headquarters, what with (i) the website being rendered inoperative on account of its failure to adhere to nineteenth century security protocols; (ii) newsletter production having run dry owing to a dispute between management and staff over healthcare costs; (iii) lunch plans having been disrputed on account of our effective eviction from the Yale Club (more on this to right); and (iv) no newsletter having been sent since October due to your correspondent having only recently sobered up from a post-World Series bender.

It has been said that the good thing about a near-death experience is that the survivor returns to the world of the living bouyed by the support and concern of friends, families and neighbors. In this spirit, the BLOHARDS would like to extend gratitude to the no-fewer-than-three concerned parties (two of whom, admittedly, were bill collectors) who enquired about our well-being during our absence.

Wallet Schedules
Hot off the presses, we've got BLOHARD wallet schedules in stock. If you're not going to lunch, not going on the bus, and haven't paid dues (what's up with that?), you can procure schedules in one of two ways:

1. Mail a stamped self-addressed envelope to Peter Collery c/o SC Fundamental LLC, 747 Third Avenue - 27th floor, New York, NY 10017. In the fullness of time, you will receive a single schedule by return mail.

2. Email your address to Peter and receive ten schedules in return at no cost. This latter option carries with it the obligation to always carry extra schedules on your person and to proffer them to strangers who appear to be either of (i) Sox fans; or (ii) credulous.


So, the Yale Club introduced a new-and-not-improved pricing policy, rendering our previously marginal business relationship with them entirely untenable. Happily, BLOHARDS management pulled a rabbit out of its collective hat, securing the Vanderbilt Suite on the second floor of the Met Life Building directly across the street from the afore- and never-to-be-again mentioned Yale Club. In the absence of union servers, the experience is going to be a little more casual than heretofore -- sandwiches and salads in a buffet and no alcoholic beverages. But the material is guaranteed to be every bit as fresh and tasty as always, with the over-under on jokes about CC Sabathia's girth standing at 4.5. (Smart money is on the over.)

We've been able to reduce the price to $60. More details are available in the official invitation.

Get tix here.

Dues Definitely Due...
$20 for a year or $150 for a lifetime. You may remit by check to Julie Killian at 42 Forest Avenue in Rye, 10580, or pay on line.

Dues-payers receive:
One (1) non-laminated membership card;
One (1) BLOHARD bumper sticker;
One (1) custom Red Sox wallet schedule;
One (1) clear conscience.

You know what you never see any more?

I mean, besides "I Like Ike" buttons.

Those cute "Got Rings?" t-shirts all the Yankee fans used to wear. I wonder what happened to them?

Fenway Bound...

The BLOHARDS will make their 52nd bus trip to Opening Day at Fenway Park on Tuesday, April 9th. Chris Sale will bring an uncharacteristically bloated ERA of 8.00 into the game vs. a pitcher for Toronto (Shoemaker) who hasn't allowed a run in 14 innings. After a bumpy 2-8 start in the Pacific Time Zone, the Sox will be riding a one-game winning streak into tomorrow's tilt.

It bears repeating that the only way to have a World Series hangover is to make it there in the first place. There will be a one-hour celebration of the Sox' World Series championship prior to Tuesday's game, so there's also that.


We're going to have one! Really! With pixels and lynx and everything!


In the meantime, follow us on Facebook or twitter, and in your local newspaper's police blotter.

What a bunch of kidders...
Your editor was recently cc'd on a email exchange which seemed particularly well suited for the BLOHARD demographic (which is to say, those who fondly remember liking Ike. Or not). It began with this picture (click to enlarge):

This led to the response: "Well, this fella had one double in 1966..."

which produced the observation; "It looks like he had a double right before the photo was taken."