March 2015

And Away We Go...

Lunch Precedes Opening Day Bus Trip. Go Figure.
Lunch Set for April 10

Buses roll three days later
The weather this coming April 10 will be sunny with a gentle breeze and a daytime high temperature of 71 degrees. The last of the snow will have melted. Having swept the Phillies, the Sox will come to town 3-0, in sole possession of first place, two games ahead of the 1-2 Yankees. At Manhattan's Yale Club, vibrant bonhomie, uncannily succulent chicken and a sparkling program will all auger a great weekend for the Red Sox. Sure enough, that night Joe Kelly will spin a complete-game two-hit gem and, come Monday, it will be a happy group of BLOHARDS indeed that boards the buses to the home opener.

Years later, when looking back on the incredible season that ensued, memories of that day will be imbued with a golden haze, like the recall of what it was like to be a kid on those last days of school in June. Or the first time somebody kissed you. Those who were there will share a bond that those who were not will understand only to the extent of knowing that they forewent something special.

It'd be a shame to miss it. Must-read invitation here. Tickets here.

(The above account is speculative. Your experience may vary. Absolutely no refunds.)

Mets Game Update
As we might have had occasion to mention, the BLOHARDS secured a massive block of tickets to August 28th's tilt between the Sox and the Mets at Citi Field. We sold the great majority of those tickets last year, leaving us with a residual "blockette." The thing about blockettes is that they disappear, like snow in the April sun. So, if you haven't already done so, you might want to get your tickets now.

For those foresighted souls who've already purchased, we're inclined to hang on to the the tickets until near game day so as to easily accommodate, for instance, requests for an extra ticket next to one already purchased. If you're antsy to take possession of your ducats now though, drop us a line and we'll mail or give them to you at lunch.

Speaking of tickets...
Our old buddy Suzan Diaz writes in to say that the two people who shared a weeknight Fenway season ticket package with her have bailed and she's looking for new partners or people to buy single game tickets. The seats have been in her family since 1955 and sound pretty sweet (Loge Box 116, row JJ). If you're interested, she'd be happy to hear from you.

Dues Long Overdue
Pay yours online or by check.
Optimism Order of the Day

Sox seen hitting, fielding. A-Rod seen flailing.

We're going to have some fun this year.

The Red Sox offense is going to be relentless. Joe Kelly is going to win the Cy Young award. He said so himself. What with seven outfielders, I doubt so much as a single fly ball will drop in for a hit. (Wait - It doesn't work like that?). The Sox have something like twelve major league-capable starting pitchers. They'll find five of them to do the job, and the sorting-out process will be more entertaining than an A-Rod press conference (which we don't even get any more).

Betts and Bogaerts stand on the brink of stardom. Owens and Swihart stand on the brink of the brink of stardom. Castillo and Moncada are shiny new toys. Ortiz and Napoli are reliable old friends. Pedroia is healed. Koji is Koji. We've got the rolly-pollyist Panda in the business. What more do you want?

Meanwhile in the Bronx... A-Rod is back. (How did we survive 2014 without him?) He's really, really sorry about the PEDs, and it will never happen again. Pineda is back. He's really, really, sorry about the pine tar, and it will never happen again. Tex is proposing to beat the shift by "hitting doubles and homers". Chris Capuano (why does that name ring a bell?) is headed to the hill every fifth day. Having pitched ineffectively and with knee trouble at 275 lbs, CC Sabbathia has decided to let CC be CC; this year he'll pitch at 305, thank you very much. Where Robbie once roamed now we have... Stephen Drew? Well, at least they're bringing it all home for a frugal $230 million. Seriously, this is going to be great...

Sox Foundation: Make Pledge, Get Swag
The Red Sox Foundation, which does a lot of great charitable stuff, is running a pledge drive through next Monday which features some pretty nice premiums (premia?) such as game tix, autographed Tim Wakefield bobbleheads and mugs with a glove in exhange for donations.

More here.

Hard to believe...
But it's only a month 'til opening day.

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Vicente Romo's Inside Pitch

Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente Romo is back with more mullings and musings – “El Huevo" style:

Vicente has officially put aside the afternoon of July 26th to watch the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, especially Pedro Martinez's acceptance speech. Might use SAP function to turn it back into Spanish… Sox have signed standout Cuban players Rusney Castillo and Yoan Moncada, with infielder Moncada immediately becoming the team's #1 prospect. For the next two seasons the Sox cannot sign an international player for over $300,000. Essentially leaves them a choice between Judy Dench and the Castro brothers… Speaking of Rusney, where do they play Betts? Chosen as "Breakout Player in MLB - 2015" by four members of Baseball America panel. Some OF's (e.g. Victorino) will be moved. Got to get Mookie AB's… Zdeno Chara looks damn near stationary during some games. That said, no #1 seed wants the Bruins as a first-round opponent, especially coming off five days of rest before the playoffs. And Rask can steal a series… Talk about your Giant Pandas: At the Sox' first workout in Ft. Myers Pablo Sandoval looked as though he'd eaten Bobby Jenks for lunch… Go see Frank Sinatra: An American Icon at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center thought September 4th. Honoring Ol' Blue Eyes' 100th birthday next December. Don't request "My Way"; Sinatra never liked that song… J.R. Moehringer's piece on Alex Rodriguez in ESPN The Magazine is excellent. Confirms that A-Rod carries more baggage up to the plate than Queen Elizabeth packs for a two-week road trip... Latest tally has Boston with 105.5 inches of snow, approaching the all-time record of 107.6 inches set during the winter of 1995-96. Snow melted that year in time for April 9th Fenway openah and a 9-1 win over the Twins behind Flash Gordon. Sox took a while to thaw out that season, however, starting 3-15 for one of Jim Powers' favorites, lovable manager Kevin Kennedy… Would Sox ever trade Pedroia? Declining offensive stats and plenty of young 2B's-in-waiting. But he is brilliant defensively, has a team-friendly contract and serves as Exhibit A for Sox patience AND homegrown talent. We say he's never traded unless he requests to be… Lifetime member from the '80s John Pizzarelli at the Café Carlyle in late April for two weeks with the Brazilians. Ask for the BLOHARDS discount, then duck. ("Duck" used here as a verb.)… Mets must mean business this season. David Wright dressed down star prospect Noah Syndergaard for eating lunch during an intrasquad game. Safe to say Syndergaard did not bring up Wright collecting $20 million in 2014 for hitting eight (8) home runs in 586 AB's… House of Cards - um, not so much. The Blacklist - now you're talking. Spader's Reddington is one of best TV characters ever. Up there with Mr. Roper.

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