December 2014

Now is the Winter of Our Discontent
...made glorious summer by the Panda of Frisco.

Vicente Romo's Inside Pitch

Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente Romo is back with more mullings and musings – “El Huevo" style:

Could be a fun ten years with the Panda - as long as no one introduces him to the North End or The Sausage King. Ended 2013 season at 5'11", 280 lbs. That's Bart Colon/El Guapo/Bobby Jenks territory….Vicente all about old-school. Happy to see James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt will be at Fenway next summer…. A friend took the Delta Shuttle the other day. In the front row - the Dalai Lama, flying commercial…. We don't get all the talk about Hanley Ramirez's fielding. Sox need to hide him for a couple of years before he takes over as the full-time DH. Yankees hid Jeter for longer than that…. How about a two-fer? Let's just get rid of a) MLB interleague play and b) hockey shootouts. NHL might as well play Yahtzee to decide games ….Vicente proud to announce he's in a movie. All in Time, coming to a theater near you. Don't blink. Cast in plum role as a car salesman, but the location person reserved the dealership for the wrong day. Vicente's big song - cut!….Rickles performing in Las Vegas in January. As Mel Allen used to say, "How about that!"….BLOHARDS tickets going fast for Mets game at Citi Field on Friday, August 28th. $50 each on website. Vicente will be there!....Morrell's in Rock Center has the best by-the-glass list in NYC. A contrast to the three-day old oxidized malbec being proudly served at so many "wine bars"…Happy to hear that Meatball Obsession will have three carts and a "mobile unit" inside Fenway Park next season. Cups of meatballs! And they're threatening to cater the BLOHARDS' Opening Day buses....Vicente shudders when he types the word "Cater." Speaking of Sparky Lyle, the great reliever had no use for birthday cakes with a piece already out of it. "I'm a perfectionist," he explained. "I want to leave my mark"….Just because the drummer is in the quartet doesn't mean he has to solo on every song. Sheesh….A question Vicente ponders often - Will Jenny Dell still be hanging in there when Middlebrooks is hitting .203 for the Long Island Ducks?….Just saw Gone Girl - plot had more holes than Allen Craig's swing . Why didn't Afleck just say, "Hey, I don't even play golf!"….BLOHARDS' official crooner John Pizzarelli and his wife Jessica Molaskey got reviews last month at the Café Carlyle that most performers only dream about. John will be singing at the April 10th luncheon, already thinking of words that rhyme with "panda." This just in - John and Jessica were named #9 in Time Magazine's Top 10 Plays and Musicals for 2014. They represent the only musical act on the list; the rest were all theatre works.

"Love is the absence of judgment." - The Dalai Lama

"We've seen enough of Tucker Ashford." - George M. Steinbrenner

'Til next time, Adios amigos!

Lunch dates set for 2015

April 10 and September 29 get-togethers to bookend epic season

The BLOHARDS have announced that they will celebrate their 50th year as a club (and 48th year being called "The BLOHARDS") in 2015 with two luncheons that will coincide with Sox visits to New York to play the Yankees.

• April 10, 2015 - 12:00 noon (EDT)
• September 29, 2015 - 12:00 noon (EDT)

Both midday celebrations will take place in the 20th Floor Grand Ballroom of the neoclassical Yale Club, conveniently located on East 44th Street and Vanderbilt Avenue, a block from the Grand Central Terminal's west exit.

The luncheon lineup is still being assembled but will likely include Fenway PA announcer Dick Flavin, Sox EVP Charles Steinberg, Ed Randall of WFAN and Sirius/XM, jazz singer and guitarist John Pizzarelli, trivia maven John Quinn, and a surprise guest or two. A new segment will be a conversation between author and historian David Margolick and guests who will share recollections about bygone eras of the Red Sox and/or the BLOHARDS.

Tickets ($75) on sale now.

To Flushing we shall go...

On the evening of Friday August 28, a boisterous-without-being-beligerent assemblage of BLOHARDS will gather at Citi Field to witness the Sox vie with the Mets in an interleague tilt.

This will represent the BLOHARDS' second en masse pilgrimage to watch their favorites play the Mets. BLOHARDS' founder Jim Powers led a vocal delegation to the first, which ended in a 3-1 Sox win at Shea in July of 2001, and which featured any number of tedious video board replays of Bill Buckner's unfortunate encounter with a ground ball in 1986. Subsequent years having not been kind to the Mets, one hopes they'll show better manners this time.

Our seats will be together and situated somewhere in the lower deck in the outfield which, given the latest configuration of the Citi Field's fences, could easily be a subway stop away from the playing area. Prior to their purchase by the BLOHARDS, which is expected within the next couple of weeks, tickets are available for $50. Availability thereafter will be limited and prices will be higher, so why wait? Get yours now.

Tickets will be handed out at the April luncheon, or mailed shortly thereafter and, just for the avoidance of ambiguity, you're responsible for getting yourself to and from the game. Also, stay tuned for pregame hijinx possibly to include a live version of Ed Randall's "Talking Baseball" at the ballpark with a special guest.

BLOHARDS Mourn Bresciani

The BLOHARDS were saddened by the recent announcement of longtime Red Sox publicist and historian Dick Bresicani death at the age of 76. In published reports team president Larry Lucchino referred to Bresciani as the "our institutional memory", going on to describe him as "a beloved and loyal member of the Red Sox family".

Much the same can be said of Dick's decades-long relationship with the BLOHARDS, with this addition - he was our hero.

From the earliest years of the organization, Dick served as liaison between the Sox and BLOHARDS Founder, President and Owner Jim Powers, an assignment which, among other things, included corralling Sox players, coaches, and beat reporters for our two annual gatherings. Thanks largely to Dick's efforts, the BLOHARDS had the pleasure of hosting virtually every Red Sox manager from Pesky to Little.

Bresciani's efforts on our behalf over many years won him the well-earned Powers-bestowed title of "Our Hero", a designation which found its way into many a luncheon invitation, including this one, this one and this one. Dick liked to conclude his remarks at luncheons by reminding us what had occurred "On This Date in Red Sox History." With Dick's passing the living memories of those bygone seasons and the BLOHARDS' earliest days grow ever dimmer. To Dick's wife Joanne and to his friends and Red Sox family, we offer our deepest sympathies. We are diminished by the loss of our great friend and hero.

The French are known for their sense of style...
so perhaps, while on the Metro during a recent trip to Paris, your editor shouldn't have been so surprised to run into the well-dressed gentlemen on the left.

Christmas in one fell swoop
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