June 2011


Lunch With BLOHARDS Ignites Sox

Beverly? Is That You Beverly?

Our friend since time immemorial Meryl Pearlstein is writing an article on Beverly MA for North Shore Magazine. She's looking to interview anybody who lives, or lived, in Beverly. Or maybe you drove by it once on Yankee Division Highway? Dated a girl named Beverly in High School? Watched the Beverly Hillbillies? This is going to be tricky unless Meryl has some, whaddacallit... "content", so why don't you drop her a line?

Drive for show, putt for charity

Varitek Tourney Set For 7/21

Meanwhile, about 15 miles west of Beverly on the aforementioned Yankee Division Highway, Jason Varitek will be hosting his Celebrity Putt-Putt Tournament for the benefit of The Journey Forward at Athletic Evolution in Woburn on July 21.

Jason being nothing if not a man of his word, the place will be positively lousy with celebrities; one at every hole. You can get some more information here.

Lunch Recap

Wertz Brutalized; Hill Graceful

Randall: Something about apostrophes?
Early on, during the May 13 festivities at New York's Yale Club, Dave O'Brien boldly predicted: "I think this weekend will mark the turnaround for the Red Sox' season", and so, notwithstanding some recent hiccups, it did.

The luncheon performances of the regular cast, to be gentle, broke no new ground. In the face of a frosty reception, Red Sox Nation's NY Governor Chris Wertz trimmed a planned ten-minute "state of the state" speech to about 30 seconds. Going to an oft-tapped well, the Ray Duffy-narrated Henry Berry Memorial Slide Show got a few cheap laughs at CC Sabathia's expense. Chastened by Wertz' experience BLOHARD VP Peter Collery whined very briefly about the organization's vast cache of unsold and unsalable merchandise. Ed Randall apparently said something about punctuation, although pretty much everybody was dozing by that point.

By contrast, the performances of guests Dave O'Brien, Rich Hill and Harvey Frommer were like shimmering mirages in a vast desert wasteland. The first two of this trio conducted a sparkling Q&A, while the last showed a series of stunning illustrations from his recently published book Remembering Fenway Park. It is fervently hoped that all can be persuaded to return to the next BLOHARD lunch on September 23, tickets for which are on sale now.

Sweet Solvency!

The membership's judgment having perhaps been dulled by an over-enthusiastic patronage of the cash bar, a number of items of BLOHARD haberdashery were sold at our most recent lunch, notwithstanding those items' patent unserviceability. This had the astonishing effect of moving the overall merchandising effort into the black, which, in turn, means that the proceeds from ongoing sales of obsolete t-shirts, inflammatory t-shirts, shapeless jerseys, and generic hats will, net only of PayPal and shipping costs, be donated to the Jimmy Fund. A veritable trickle of funds into that esteemed charity is anticipated as a consequence.

Papi looking for love in all the wrong places...

On an off-day in New York, David Ortiz decides to win over the restive natives one hug at a time. Watch it all happen here.