March 2011

And Away We Go...
'11 Yanks Fattest Ever?
We wouldn't know.

Talk about your "Heavy Bombers"...

Recent press reports have speculated that the 2011 edition of the New York Yankees might be the most, uh, robust team ever to take the field. Indeed, with porcine pitchers such as CC Sabathia, Joba Chamberlain, and Bartolo Colon, the pinstripers have amassed, so to speak, a formidable staff. Similarly, the team's outsized infield (seen here in the "Canyon of Heros" celebrating last year's wild card title) present an intimidating albeit immobile aspect.

Faced with this avalanche of avoirdupois some might engage in a little japery at the bombers' expense, but not us. Mockery of our adversaries' abundance would constitute the kind of cheap shot in which the BLOHARDS will not engage. Period. End of story.

That having been said, considerations of public safety do require that we exhort our membership not, under any circumstances, to place itself between a member of the 2011 Yanks and his post-game spread.


The Sox come thrice to Gotham this year; on May 13-15, June 7-9 and September 23-25. This is an especially felicitous schedule inasmuch as it permits Friday lunches on both the first (May 13) and third trips (September 23). As always, lunch will feature a groaning board laden with meat, potatoes, and mockery of A-Rod. Tickets, $75 each, are available now. Special Offer! We had a two-for-$125 deal that was only supposed to last through the end of 2010, but it looks like its still on the website. You might want to jump on that.

The May lunch is shaping up as an affair to be remembered - at least through the better part of the ensuing weekend. WEEI's Dave O'Brien, Sox player TBA, WFAN's Ed Randall, and ace utility man John Pizzarelli will provide festivity and insight. Special guests will include Harvey Frommer, author of the highly-praised REMEMBERING FENWAY PARK, which contains fabulous and never-before-seen photos of our beloved ballyard and actual quotes, some coherent, from actual BLOHARDS.

Mark from Narragansett Beer will also be on hand to lead us in song by way of celebrating his brew's entry into the NYC market. (Your Executive Committee can personally attest to its availability at Prof. Thom's, Wild Edibles, Rattle N' Hum, and Muldoon's.) Finally, Ray Duffy has been touring the country in the BLOHARDS' jet gathering material for the slide show. While he hasn't yet attained sufficient altitude to snap an all-encompassing photo of the Yankees' pitching staff, he's still hard at work.
Vicente Romo's Inside Pitch

Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente Romo is back with more mullings and musings, "El Huevo" style. Forget Yankees-Red Sox. Games run past my bedtime. Give me Darnell McDonald in a rematch against Zippy Chippy any day.... Am betting the Yankees wished they'd assigned more security to Cliff Lee's wife and less to Danny Aiello's box....Ali once was the pitchman for d-Con bug spray. You can look it up.... You can always count on the still va-va-va-voom Angie Dickinson to break up a room. "But I was driving." Funny stuff....The one about the gorilla and the lion always cracks me up ....The great Scully back for another season. Dodger home games alone are worth cost of the Extra Innings package....Great line in Vanity Fair about Larry King's replacement, Piers Morgan - "Can we give him back?"....Vicente's Guilty Pleasures of the Month: "Burn Notice" (esp. Fiona), pork buns at Momofuku Ssam, Mets' "Yearbook" shows from the 1960's and early '70's on SNY.... Best steak in town - Wolfgang's on 33rd and Park....If I needed an agent, I'd hire the one who got $12 million per for Ollie Perez....Cable TV without Turner Movie Classics: Worth $0.99 a month.... Willie and Mickey were the stars, but for about five years, Duke had it all over both of them....Finally, the great Billy Wilder was a laugh riot right up until the end. When his wife asked him on his deathbed whether he wanted to be buried or cremated, he answered, "Surprise me."

'Til next time, Adios amigos!

Bus Booked

Opening Day tix more oversubscribed than a Chinese internet IPO, so don't even ask...

For something like the 45th consecutive year, Boston-bound motor coaches will depart Westport bright and early on the morning of Friday April 8, conveying a bevy of BLOHARDs to a home-opener against none other than the New York Yankees. The Gods having been propitiated with the traditional rituals, including the No-Drinking-Until-Bridgeport-Unless-Strictly-Necessary Mandate, and the Henry Berry-commemorating East Hartford Turnoff Ceremony, victory will assuredly ensue.

The return trip is likely to feature cold beer, warm fellowship and spacious accomodations as a number of the outward-bound BLOHARDs fail, for one reason or another, to find their way back to the bus.

Summary to follow in our next newsletter.

BLOHARDS in Desperate Dues Appeal

TARP, EMF seen unlikely to offer bailout

Hard choices loom

(New York, March 17) Stunned by the global economic downturn, and thus far rejected in its application for relief from the institutions which succored Greece, Ireland and the international banking system, the Executive Committee of the BLOHARDS today issued a directive calling on all members, including those who have already done so, to immediately remit 2011 dues payments. On-line and off-line payment options are available for the convenience of the membership. Said membership is encouraged to avail itself of both. At the same time. That time being now.

Mindful of the sacrifices being made by dues-payers, the Executive Committee wishes to stress that those sacrifices pale in comparison to the agonies borne by the Committee itself. By way of example, use of the BLOHARD jet fleet has been restricted to those at the title of Vice President or higher, and undocumented entertainment expenses in excess of $1,000 per occasion will hereafter be reimbursed for only those Executive Committee members traveling on official club business.

The Executive Committee is cautiously optimistic that these stringencies, in combination with the enthusiastic financial support of the membership, will be sufficient to sustain the BLOHARDS and its mission.