October 2010

When the Going Gets Tough, the BLOHARDS Eat Lunch
September Lunch Recap
Bowden Boffo

Randall: "Tell us, if you will..."
Luncheon guest (and BLOHARDS' Co-Man of the Year along with Darnell McDonald) Michael Bowden, was funny and engaging in an interview with Ed Randall of WFAN and Sirius/XM (pinch-hitting for a sinus-infected Dave O'Brien of WEEI.)

In introducing the duo, BLOHARD Joe Cosgriff sternly cautioned Randall against employing his trademark digressive questioning style. It would be prehaps diplomatic to say that Bowden did a better job of adapting to Randall's style than Randall did of curbing it.

Especially compelling was Bowden's narrative of the events surrounding his one-game call-up from Pawtucket on August 30, 2008, vs. the White Sox ( a victory), and his account of his rookie hazing during which he was required to dress up as a "little teapot" complete with midriff baring silver top and a similarly colored miniskirt. Among other things, Bowden reported, he was required to serve his teammates beverages on their charter flight in this costume, which he described as "embarrassing".

When a woman in the audience shouted out; "Now you know what it feels like." Bowden retorted, deadpan, "That happened to you too?"

At another point, Bowden took a full moment to absorb a classic Randall question ("Tell us, if you will, what it feels like to be touched by God...."), then turned to Cosgriff and asked, "Is THIS the kind of question you warned me about?" For the record, the question involved Bowden's high school record of allowing about ten hits and striking out 1,435 batters in his senior year, with Randall, at long last, asking, "How did that feel?"

"Got to be honest," answered Bowden. "It felt pretty great."

Thanks to Darnell McDonald and Michael Bowden for joining us at this year's luncheons, and to Sarah Stevenson and Dave O'Brien for all of that and for their friendship over the years.

"Four Days In October" Provides Blessed Relief

ESPN Documentary debuts Tonight, not one minute too soon.
As a tedious post-season looms (ahem Messrs. Buck, McCarver and Martinez), ESPN's highly-acclaimed "30 in 30" documentary series is poised to provide a jolt to all BLOHARDS' sox lives. October 5 at 8, the network is debuting a film entitled "Four Days in October". If the trailer, which your correspondent has watched maybe about 200 times, is any indication, you'll soon feel much, much better.
The Return of Carnac

Pizzarelli Kills

What? No "Catch 22"?

Official BLOHARD Troubador John Pizzarelli (who starts a run at the Cafe Carlyle tonight - Meet you for the late show after the ESPN thing?) reprised his role as Carnac the Magnificent to hilarious effect at the lunch. In this bit, first developed by the great Johnny Carson, Carnac intuits answers to questions which he has "never before seen" and which are contained in "hermetically sealed" envelopes. A couple of highlights:

Carnac: "will.i.am, Fergie, and A.J. Burnett."
Hermetically Sealed Envelope: "Name two Black-Eyed Peas and a black-eyed pea brain."

C: "The Yankees' #7, the old Cubs' pitcher Sutcliffe, and Alex Rodriguez."
HSE: "Name a big Mick, a big Rick...and an aging third baseman."

C: "An AC/DC concert, a Con Ed jackhammer, and Suzyn Waldman when she spots Roger Clemens 'in George's bawx.'"
HSE: "Name three things as loud as Ed Randall's sportcoats."

Good times...

2011 Lunch Dates Set

We'll be doin' it all again in 2011. Lunches will be held on Friday May 13, and again on Friday September 23. Tickets, $75 each, are available now. Special Offer! Both events available for $125 if purchased prior to year end. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

Speaking of George's Untimely Demise...

Correspondent Mike Ivester sent along this little cartoon.
Slideshow Sparkles!

Usurpers Routed, Duffy Returns to the Podium
Happily unstranded in Europe by Volcanic ash, longtime narrator Ray Duffy delivered the Henry Berry slideshow with characteristic sang froid. Arcane blackout provisions prohibit us from sharing the full measure of Ray's remarks, but We are permitted to show a few highlights, namely a pictue of the controversial posthumous memorial to George Steinbrenner, and the Aflac Trivia Question of the day.

From the Desk of Grumpy Joe...

You think Andy Rooney is curmudgeonly? You don't know from curmudgeon.

Editor's note: The opinions in this column are strictly those of its author, Joseph Cosgriff, BLOHARD VP for Legislative Affairs. The BLOHARDs have no interest in getting bum rushed by a gargantuian eighty year-old gerbil. Just so we're clear on that...


This BLOHARD wishes to pay tribute to Don Zimmer on his election to the Red Sox Hall of Fame. What got him in?
o Blowing the 14 ˝ game lead in 1978?
o Throwing Bobby Sprowl at the Yankees during that brutal September series?
o Playing Dewey Evans every day when he was still seeing double after being beaned?
o Writing in Butch Hobson at 3B, even though the guy had to adjust the bone chips in his elbow before every throw into the first-base stands?
Yes, hats off to Zip Zimmer – a crusty, Pedro-fightin’, beady-eyed, steel-sculled, Bill Lee-hating, baseball lifer who also contributed to several Yankee pennants, most notably the one in 1978.

Mr. Zimmer, whom someone famously described at our 1992 happy hour gathering as “Darth Vader with his mask off,” set the record as a player for the lowest batting average ever in April - .068. When he got a hit to break an 0-for-34 run, the Mets immediately traded him for one of the Bob Millers. Casey Stengel explaining the move, quipped “We figured we’d trade him while he was hot.”