Got Rings Lately?


If you’re like us, you got a little tired of seeing those “got rings?” t-shirts after the Sox’ 2004 heroics. So, now that the ring is on the other finger so to speak, we thought it only fair to poke said finger in our opponents’ eye. Herewith, the BLOHARD “got rings lately?” T-Shirt.

Back Reads:

We’ve been together for a long time now, and it’s been great.
Really. A team couldn’t ask for a better rival.

But lately, something’s changed. 3 consecutive LDS folds?
That choke in 2004? No championships this millenium?
It’s like your heart’s not in it anymore.

So… maybe we should start seeing other teams.
Of course it’s sad, but it’s for the best.
You and the Orioles are going to be one cute couple.

And if you ever get your act together?
We’ll leave the lights on for you at Fenway Park.

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