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Last call for mustache contributions to a good cause. Am shaving the thing on Saturday. Thanks to all who have contributed and/or encouraged this undertaking.

"It’s probably the most Boston thing that’s ever happened,” Peter Lagorio, the sales and marketing manager at Buy New England Lobsters, told Boston Magazine.

Ah, this explains it. So many terrific fielders in the first floor lounge of the Plaza Hotel tonight.

Here's a can't-miss weekend activity while we patiently wait for pitchers and catchers to report to Ft. Myers. Saturday, November 9th at Bookends in Ridgewood NJ. Festivities from noon until 1:30.

Thanks, HCI. Keep up the great work.

With plenty of time on our hands this October, I recommend Fantastic Funghi as an alternative to watching the Yankees in the ALCS. See this film. We give it the maximum score -- Five (5) Petrocellis.

Many thanks to the NY Post and Eric. BLOHARDS review — “If you haven’t read a book all year, this is a good place to start.” Please.

Congratulations to Steve Blass. Thirty-four years in the Pirates' booth after a solid career and two complete-game wins in the 1971 World Series.

Sorry to be a day late on this one. Happened 41 years ago. Staggeringly heartbreaking at the time. With the intervening years and Sox WS championships, I can now appreciate it as one of the greatest baseball games ever played.

With the Sox having a 2% chance of making the playoffs it might be time to make alternative plans for your evenings in October. Check the book tour (13 stops and counting) and join us. Free tickets available, refreshments usually provided.

And if it's Yaz's birthday, then it's time once again for our favorite trivia question -- who was the pitcher who gave up the first HR of Carl Yastrzemski's MLB career? The HR took place on May 9, 1961 in Yaz's 17th game for the Red Sox.

The Best.

Have heard horror stories about what non-bonus minor leaguers must endure. Along with expenses of travel baseball, private coaches, and expense of showcases, baseball in U.S. is no longer accessible for athletes of modest means.

Meanwhile, the Sox need this game. They've lost six in a row and are in danger of falling too many games behind too many teams for the WC.

Having Costas behind the mic has improved the YES telecast immeasurably.

George was a speaker or panelist at 2-3 BLOHARDS luncheons over the years. Brought us an entire Great Fenway Writers Series panel discussion in 2012. Highly-informative and entertaining, easy to work with. We shall miss him.

RIP Pumpsie.

"Dirty Water" checks in at #7, while "New York, New York" is #10. The winner - "Cleveland Rocks" by the Presidents of the United States of America.

Yankees aren't offering us any deals on tickets for 8/2, so we're thinking of a viewing party in Manhattan. Stay tuned.....

From Dick Flavin, 58-time Emmy Winner, seven-time Oscar winner, and an owner of twelve Grammy Awards. Memo to Dick's publicist -- we'll be running those numbers past our fact checker.

Groundbreaking is later this week. Looks great.

John Sterling to miss first game in thirty years.

Wishing the very best to Big Papi, who is reportedly making progress following his second surgery.


Jimmy Kimmel interviews Brock Holt's son....who seems to have grown a beard. And acquired quite a vocabulary.

Uggh.....Let's throw strikes, boys!

Sox have now lost eight of their first ten games. Glass half-full take on things -- it's akin to losing the opener in football. Yankees no great shakes either, but at least they've limited the damage to 4-4.

The Dog Who Took Me Up a Mountain

We have moved the location of the next BLOHARDS' luncheon on 5/31 across the street to the Vanderbilt Suites in the Met Life Building. Details next week on how to make reservations and buy tickets.

Last Thursday's game was a blast with the outfielders mic'd up. Here is Mookie Betts discussing fatherhood.

Tape delay telecast of today's Sox-Nats game (Sox are down 3-0 in the 2nd) will be shown on MLB Network starting at 4 p.m. Scherzer for the Nats, Betts and Benintendi...

Full marks to the Globe for using the real estate usually filled by Nick Cafardo's Baseball Notes column for personal tributes from his colleagues who often became housemates and roommates during a baseball season. This is really great stuff and...

Alex Cora was terrific in taking about Nick Cafardo today. In six minutes he made us realize how fortunate we all were (Alex included) to have had Nick in our lives. Also how blessed the Sox, Sox fans, and baseball are to have Alex Cora representing...

The BLOHARDS loved reading everything Nick Cafardo wrote for all these years and mourn his passing. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends, many of whom have eloquently written about what a lovely man he was.

Nick Cafardo is right. Baseball needs to do something about the tanking. AL has five non-tanking teams, which means ten Sox opponents who would be thrilled with 77-85. Bad situation.

Good luck. Better hope there are teams that didn't watch the September and October games.

Eovaldi will be back. Good signing.

Dodger Stadium more dangerous than you'd think. A Giants' fan was left beaten and brain damaged after a post-game assault on Opening Day 2011.

Price decides not to opt out. He was a great story in the WS, but let's face reality here -- there wasn't a long line of bidders for four years of a 33-year-old pitcher at $33 million per.

Good parade. Cora gets off dig at Yankees -- "We score 16 at Yankee Stadium...suck on it." Four Bloody Marys at breakfast will do that. Whipping up the rivalry to sell travel packages to the games in London.

Sox parade is currently being televised live on the MLB Network. Or livestream it by hitting the link below.

The right man for our times.

Just one more year of $18.6 million to Pablo Sandoval Estadísticas. Thanks again, Ben Cherington. Kimbrel looked like an old 30....stuff in that beard from a meal with Dick Radatz.

Red Sox exercise Sale's team option for 2019. Nunez exercises his player option and skips free agency. Price holds a $31 million player option. Eovaldi, Kelly, Kimbrel, Pearce (keep him), and Kinsler (not so much) are all free agents.

Chris Sale was the first pitcher to throw the first and last pitches of a World Series since Orel Hershiser in 1988 (courtesy of Ben Lyons).

Use the URL below, and the BLOHARDS get a piece of the action from Fanatics. Will help us...

"Once again, the Red Sox are the masters of the first two decades of a new century. What comes over the next eight is somebody else’s problem."

Loved that the Sox didn't fool around, even up 5-1. Bring in Sale, lights-out. Managers from generations past got out ahead of their skis and were thinking who should be on the field when they won (e.g. Buckner). Cora...

Parade will be Wednesday starting at 11 a.m.. There will be duck boats. Same rules as for the Quincy 4th of July parade -- no alcohol or weapons allowed.

If you're buying swag anyway, use this link, and the BLOHARDS get a kickback. And if you write in PUMPKIN, you get a discount. Hey, all the better to pay for our new website. What a season!|cpn--no_coupon|offer--no_offer&utm_content=L--all_leagues|t--all_teams|p--|pc--|ag--NoGender&utm_campaign=dest--|creatv--|date--|geo--&SSAID=1910398&_s=share-a-sale&utm_source=Shareasale&utm_medium=affiliates&sscid=a1k2_snium

Looks as though Toronto paid Red Sox 1/2 of Steve Pearce's salary just to to take him.

Will be spending the week buying people drinks with the Game 6 (and hotel, transportation) refunds. Might dress as Manny Machado on Halloween - will step on people's feet all night but won't be in any hurry to do so.

Our first luncheon of next season will be on May 31, 2019. We actually have some big-name guests booked already. And I'm thinking the names will only get bigger. Stay tuned to this space for...

Terrific season. We'll be looking back on this one for a long time, not just for the 108 wins but for the contributions by all 24 players not named Kinsler. 11-3 in postseason vs. Yankees, Astros, and Dodgers ain't shabby. 2004 team had characters;...

Kids, it was not an infection from a navel ring. Gastrointestinal distress after all. Must have been a doozy. Calls to mind Dan Haren thanking both his wife and Imodium in his MLB retirement speech.

BLOHARDS will be gathering for GAME 2 (Wednesday) at Foley's in NYC. First pitch 8:09, we'll begin infield practice at 7:30 sharp. Foley's, 18 West 33rd St. (between 5th and 6th Aves.). Ask for the BLOHARDS' table....

Joe Castig fell out of his chair on the Benintendi catch. One of the great plays we'll always talk about. One more....

Vazquez is standing up for another high fastball. But Kimbrel throws it down the middle, albeit with a little giddy-up. Whew. And ddd to see Boone leave in CC for at least one too many batters (Kinsler) after making same mistake with Severino on Monday.

Pretty good article. What if Nunez had played back 116 ft. instead of 115? Or gone for a barehanded attempt? Or been pinch-hit for by Devers in the eighth?

Sale vs. Verlander in Game 1, Sox trotting Price out there in Game 2. Saturday's game brought him to 0-9 as a postseason starter. "We'll talk to him and make a few...

Takeaway from Aaron Judge/ "New York, New York" storyline -- didn't know they still made boom boxes. And Boone stayed too long with CC after staying far too long with Severino the night before. But you're also not going to win when you score four...

John Sterling (about 25x): "It's 10-1 Sox. It's been all Boston." Also - "You'd expect Hicks to play because it's the last game of the season (long pause)....unless the Yankees somehow win it."

This was a good one. But it counts as only one win. Sox need to put them away tomorrow. About 75-100 BLOHARDS will be in attendance.

But Kelly has pitched well in relief, saving the bullpen.

Thanks to all the BLOHARDS who came out to Tuesday's game, especially in light of the time change. The Sox lineup had the feel of a March game at JetBlue Park, but doling out rest to players in Septembers is one of the benefits of a 10-game lead in the division.

Ed Randall's charity and New York-Presbyterian Hospital will be conducting prostate cancer screenings outside Section 220 (third base side) at Thursday night's game. All men 40 and over who undergo a screening...

Cora might want to play like the 2017 Astros, who forced the Sox to burn arms to win the AL East during the season's final series. Contemplating same if Yanks and A's are still fighting it out for home ice.

According the mayor's spokesperson: “The focus (of the lunch) was the Red Sox Foundation and how New York fans of the Sox could help their important causes.” In other words, PLAYOFF TICKETS. And as for "New York fans of the Sox," wonder where he'll...

Looks as though the 7:05 p.m. weather at Yankee Stadium will be fine. Only question would be the condition of the field. It's really pouring now, and there are flash flood warnings.

We sent emails to all attendees a couple of hours ago. Today's game has been moved to 7:05 p.m. due to weather. If you have a ticket and cannot make it or if you can now...

During the 4th inning of Tuesday's 1:05 game in the Bronx, John Sterling and Joe Castiglione will switch broadcast booths for an inning. Could be the first full inning that Sterling has ever been absent from the...

Betts on track for a 10+ WAR, puts him in rarefied air. Meanwhile, Martinez has a shot at the MLB-wide triple crown, not accomplished since Mantle in 1956. Am sure each would hand the MVP Award to Trout in exchange for a 2018 ring for the Sox.

Issue here is that a player has to be healthy to be placed on revocable waivers. Donaldson hadn't played since late May, then wasn't well enough to play in his second rehab game for Toronto....

It's not so much that MLB got this one wrong. It's that it's morphed into hockey, where the tendency has become to fall back on the original call - right or wrong. Worked for the Sox...

We are Sox fans. But, man, Altuve certainly looked safe to us. Leon made a fine play but he might not have touched him. Had a call like that gone against the Sox, it would have crashed Twitter.

Astros didn't get the memo about this being the Year of the Red Sox. Lots of talent over there, plus the manager Hinch gets full marks for navigating them through a pile of injuries to key players. Indians vs. Astros will be a compelling ALDS.

Should you wish to attend EITHER the 9/18 Yanks-Sox matinee or Game 4 of the ALDS (most likely Yanks-Sox) on Tuesday, October 9 at Yankee Stadium, notify Peter Collery at He'll try to match you...

This is good news for Worcester and for those of us who plan to support the Sox Triple-A team when they move there.

Zero the Hero. Isn't that a Black Sabbath song?

Looking ahead -- ALDS games between the Yankees and Red Sox in the Bronx would be Monday, October 8 and Tuesday, October 9. Yankees would need to defeat the A's the advance in the Wild Card game.

MLB teams were 487-0 this season when entering the 8th inning with a lead of six runs or more.

487-1 now. Great win.

Quote of the Day:
"It sucks to suck." - Greg Bird

Sox put away White Sox with terrific at-bats in the 9th inning. Lead now back to 8.5 games.

Meanwhile, Sox have caught the White Sox with a four-spot.

Nate Silver's has the Red Sox 96% to win the AL East, up to a 27% to win the World Series. That is 24x the Yankees' chances of winning the division, about 7x their chances of wining the series.

Happy 100th birthday to Ted Williams.

It is the ninth anniversary of Professor Thom's/BLOHARDS' bus trip to New York Day at Fenway Park. Pizzarelli sang the national anthem ("Make sure you're done when we get back from commercial"), it was a hot day, and the Sox beat the Yankees, 14-1....

The Orioles are 49.5 games behind the Red Sox, having lost 14 of the 16 games played this season between the two teams. Hard to be as excited as Sox official Twitter feed at beating up on all these teams that are tanking.

RIP, Stan Mikita.
“This is part of your obligation as a hockey player,” Mikita and Hull told (their rookie teammates). This is one of your responsibilities as a pro athlete. You have to give back to the community.”

From @NotHapp on Twitter: List of MLB's Best Umpires --
MLB’s best umpires, a list

1. If
2. They’re
3. Good
4. I
5. Don’t
6. Know
7. Their
8. Name

150. Joe West

175. MiLB umpires

200. Someone flipping a coin on...

On his radio show Kay said the words, "Shame on Clint Frazier for not getting healthy." Frazier ran into an outfield wall during spring training and continues to suffer from a brain...

Latest data has Sox 92% to win AL East in FiveThirtyEight and 91.8 in FANGRAPHS. 18% chance to win the World Series behind Astros. Yankees must now adjust scoreboard-watching from the team in front of them to watching A's and Mariners.

Say NO to YES. New York market Sox fans can skip Michael Kay by watching today's game on FS1. That's Fox Sports 1. Channel 400 on Spectrum Cable in NYC.

Joey Gallo has 144 whiffs in 348 AB's. Makes Rob Deer look like a contact hitter.

Red Sox lineup for 7/31. Pomeranz on the mound, Betts gets a rest. Game is on ESPN in NYC and CT.

1. Andrew Benintendi LF
2. Blake Swihart C
3. Mitch Moreland 1B
4. J.D. Martinez RF
5. Xander Bogaerts SS
6. Ian...

Good news - the Hartford Yard Goats are averaging 5,804 fans per game. Bad news - Sale is on the 10-day DL.

Trivia (especially for John Quinn and Gov. Wertz): which MLB player has hit the most lifetime regular season home Puerto Rico? He has hit six.

So apparently Boston wasn't an easy place for Lester to be. But unlike Price, he could beat the Yankees (13-6).

Our History

The year is 1964. In the bar car of a Connecticut-bound New Haven Railroad train following a Yankee-Red Sox confrontation, Jim Powers breaks into song: “Who’s better than his brother Joe? Dominic DiMaggio…“, thereby attracting the attention of like-minded Sox fan Henry Berry. The two become friends and founders of the Benevolent Loyal Order of Honorable Ancient Red Sox Diehard Sufferers of New York (BLOHARDS ) .

Berry died in 1996 and Powers in 2005, but the organization carries on. At present its activities include twice-yearly lunches in Manhattan when the Red Sox come to town; a bus trip to Fenway park for each season’s home opener; and occasional “viewing parties” of away games at local watering holes and field trips to Yankee Stadium to watch the visiting nine.


No Events available


Yes We Have No Opening Day Bus This Year. Fear not, the BLOHARDS have got you covered.

Happy news for BLOHARDS lamenting their inability to attend the Sox’ dreary opening-day loss to the Orioles. After extensive research and field-testing…

  • April 1, 2021
  • 2:41 pm

Yes We Have No Opening Day This Year. We’ll probably have several openers, but that’s not really the same thing, is it

Your correspondent, hyper-vigilant for any symptoms which might indicate that our modern plague has set up shop in his body, recently had a disconcerting experience; It was June and he could feel his toes…

  • July 1, 2020
  • 12:00 pm

No website? No Emails? No lunch details? No Problem

Things have admittedly been a little disorganized at BLOHARD World Headquarters, what with (i) the website being rendered…

  • April 9, 2019
  • 12:26 pm

Thursday May 10 marked the 55th consecutive (more or less) vernal congregation of BLOHARDS

“The Mets, who started the season by going 11-1, are almost back to .500. Which is about how many people showed up to watch them play the Braves the other night.”

  • May 4, 2018
  • 10:03 am

So Far, So Good

Sox Test, Reward Patience in Interminable Opener Feeling may or may not return to our toes, but victory is forever. It was noted for the benefit of the riders…

  • April 9, 2018
  • 12:26 pm
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